Lyrics from Neil’s first CD “Country Music

1. Midnight Auto Supply
2. Lonely
3. We Loved
4. Superman
5. All I Need Is You
6. Broke But Free
7. Now You Get The Picture
8.This Goodbye Just Ain’t Workin’
9. Country Music

Lyrics from Neil’s second CD “Looking For You

1. Looking For You
2. Drink Her Pretty
3. Florabama Time
4. Sit Here In It
5. The Hat
6. Good Jeans
7. The Finger Lickin’ Guitar Pickin’ Man
8. What I’m Trying To Say
9. Pick A Fight
10 The Old Rugged Cross

Lyrics from Neil’s third CD “Atmosphere

1. Atmosphere
2. One Night
3. Hillbilly Rockstar
4. Might Be Something Right Doin’ Something Wrong
5. Never Be The Same
6. Her
7. Make A Move
8. Lovin’ You
9. She’s Not You
10. She Don’t Mind Holding The Pole

Lyrics from Neil’s fourth CD “Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go

1. Fifty Years
2. Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go
3. Love Me For The Rest Of My Life
4. Hey Hey Goodbye
5. Midnight Auto Supply (High Octane)
6. If You’re Looking For A Women
7. I’m Gonna Spend It On You
8. Lose You Anna
9. The Texas Song
10. American Trilogy (Elvis Forever)

Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go CD Cover

Picture of Neil sitting, holding his guitar and writing

Neil Writing