Play Superman
By Neil Dover

I lie here in the dark thinking about all the things
That I don’t have time to think while I’m awake
And I ain’t seen the sun in I don’t know when
Cause I work from six til half past ten
To have enough to pay the rent
To have twenty bucks left I already spent
And nobody calls on the telephone
But I guess I wouldn’t know cause I’m not home
You never call to see if I’m ok
You just call to say that your check is late
I’ve had about all that I can take
What do I have to do to make you understand

That I’m not superman
I can’t work three jobs so you and your boyfriend
can go to Panama
And I’ll do all I can but I don’t make enough to eat and make ends meet
and see the kids on Saturday
God knows I love those kids like I love you
and I’m not supposed to but I still do
I can’t break ten years of love
with my bare hands cause I’m not Superman

I got seven years
and I did two inside for that red Mustang I couldn’t buy
But I liked the way it brightened up your eyes
I thought you were worth the chance
but two months hadn’t even passed
Before the warden brought papers for me to sign

But I’m not superman I ain’t got no S on my chest
Just this jail tattoo that says I love you cause I still do
I’d be lying if I said I could forgive and forget
That might be the best thing for me to do but I’m not that strong yet

Cause I’m not superman
No I’m not Superman
Girl I’m not Superman
You no I’m not Superman
But I’ll do all I can
But I’m not Super-supper-man-ean

Picture of Neil sitting, holding his guitar and writing

Neil Writing