Picture or Neil Dover playing with Texas Star in the background at Copperhead Brewery

Neil Dover At Copperhead Brewery

So this song is actually called, Kiss My Big TexA$$. I titled it The Texas Song because I didn’t want my mama to make a face when she gave my record to her friends and kind of scrunch the corner of her mouth down and apologize. I don’t honesty think any of her friends would care but that she cares matters to me.

I started writing a funny song with a few decent Texas fist pumpers like Bbq, cowgirls, boots and friends in the loud proud crowd. But as I went along it evolved into a love song from me to Texas. I hope you feel that too. I love Texas.

Texas is huge and they are sure proud of that but there’s more to Texas than its size. Even if it were just the part from San Antonio to Austin they’d still be making noise about how awesome Texas was and wearing belt buckles the size of dinner plates. It’s just a feeling of personal pride and community achievement that you get when you’re with a group of them. And they’ve survived the reign of six different governments. “You can kiss my big Texa$$.”

They are proud of the things Texas makes and I love seeing them support themselves and their friends. From fast food chains to hardware stores and micro brewery’s, and the largest gas station/tourist shop/restaurant in the world, Buccees. Texas is big enough to have its own chain of grocery’s stores that are nowhere else and still one of the largest chains in America, The HEB.

You can’t get all this in a song that’s not longer than Marty Robbins El Paso so I focused on the parts that were meaningful to me and influential on my life.
And then I recorded a ZZTop love song to Texas.
And if you don’t like it, here’s what you can do…..