Play One Night
By Neil Dover, Rusty Budde

This song started with drastically different lyrics. It was about a little guy who lusted after the bar queen. He just couldn’t get her to notice him for anything. It’s a little biographical in that he really was there and so was she and so was I.

It was summer of 2012, brutally hot. South Alabama moved from one air conditioned oasis to another, and in south Alabama one of the most popular air condition holes is that upstairs room at the Bama. There I was. And this song happened one afternoon.

I have to assume if you read these stories you already know the songs and I don’t need to spell it out.

The way it started is different than now. I saw myself as the guy on stage she was watching while this guy wished she was watching him. She really wasn’t paying any attention to me whatsoever. But I needed a crutch point to start a song.

This song should’ve been on Looking For You, but somehow I never was happy with the production I had. And now I’m glad I wasn’t, because it gave me a chance to rewrite it with Rusty. Simpler, tighter. It’s now a first person POV. Easy Peesy.

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One Night is track 2 on Atmosphere.