Listen To Never Be The Same
By Neil Dover

If you’ve been in love this song is for you. Especially if you’re still in love. 🙂

My idea was to put George Strait and Frank Sinatra in a song. Maybe a little Louis Armstrong.

Songs get started in my head for lots of reasons and with lots of different ingredients in the first blast of thought. This song came from my listening to a Sinatra greatest hits cd on the way somewhere. The first track is, The Last Dance. You know it. You can hear it in your head now. It’s the last dance, they’re playing the last dance, da doop dee doop doo doo, they’re dimming the lights down, they’re hoping we’ll go…. Na na na naaaaa…..

I particularly love this Sinatra tune because it’s the rhythm of two people holding on tight after a night of holding on tight. It’s a slow belly-rubber. And I love belly-rubbers. These folks have been out there on the dance floor for hours and they don’t want to leave. The bands tired and trying to quit but these two are still holding on tight.

I knew I was hoping, wishing, looking, praying for the same kind of love someday. So I started this song with a slow hip swaying groove. And started writing down lines that I wanted to be true. I started writing down what I wanted out of love. How I knew I would feel if this song came true.

I’m thrilled with how this recording came out. I shudder at the thought of how this would’ve sounded if I’d wound up having to play it all myself.

I think back to recording Sit Here In It and remember the long days of playing the piano to get all that and it’s nowhere near the piano for Never Be The Same. Ronnie Godfrey lived down the street form the studio and Mark called him and said “Hey what are you doing for the next hour”. Ronnies blind so Mark ran over and got him and when he came in and sat down and listened to the groove he started playing before the intros was over. Most of what’s on the cd is the first pass. We punched a few holes where Ronnie thought the second pass was better. The break in the middle was a kazoo in my original demo. I had Louis Armstrong nailed on the kazoo!
This is the deep end of Nashville recording. Old school classic players. This is where the whales play. Major sevenths and augmented fourths. Magic!

I’m always thrilled when people come up and tell me this is one of their favorite songs. If it’s your favorite song please tell me.

If you haven’t picked up Neil’s latest CD Atmosphere you can buy it here. Never Be The Same is track 5 on the CD.