I love this song. Just take that line for starters. It’s what we all want isn’t it?

If you’re like me, and you must be or you wouldn’t be reading this stuff, you love love and seeing people live love and plan for love and share love and take love and give love and dream about love. What else is there?

About this song.
It’s fun and smooth and all about my wife. It’s the kind of feeling I hope lasts the rest of my life.

People ask me if I’ll write some more heartbreak songs and I don’t know. I guess I could listen to “The Cure” for a day and see what happens.

The only thing about this song I wish I could change is make it twice as long and put more fun stuff in it like a steel drum duo and a percussion breakdown and some Bobby McFerrin tongue pops. Maybe if I ever have a great big band we can do a ten minute conga line version of this.

Again listen to this one with headphones. There’s a lot going on and you’ll never hear it all otherwise.

This is the first marimba I ever played. It took a specific way of standing. I’ll never forget. I may never be a great marimba player but it sure felt good that day.

Also listen for the walking tinkling falling sound of the “ocean falling into the sky.”

I live in south Alabama so beachy feeling music just falls on my head sometimes and this one was like that. I was sitting at home with Katie and she said something about what you’d do with the last minutes of your life. Which is s topic I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words about.
In that instant I picked up a pencil and wrote down, “if the worlds gonna stop, only one thing I’d want to do.” Yes, I have a dirty mind.

Women dig a dirty mind as long you draw them into it instead of leaving them out. You’ll find, if you look and I encourage you to, that your wife (if you’re a wife you’ll agree with me) has as dirty a mind as you do and all you have to do is not be ashamed of whatever’s in yours and you’ll see yourself reflected right back at you. Nothing sexier than a girl with a dirty mind.

I digress.
The song is about sex yes, but sex with the person you’re with when the ocean falls into the sky, the mountains fall, the volcanos light the atmosphere on fire and god turns the page on earth. It’s about the kind of sex that creates children that are wanted and not just fed. Maybe you know when your child was conceived? That’s pretty cool if you do. if you do remember then I flattered you’ve wasted a minute reading this essay. Cause you obviously have better things to do. 🙂