Mark Sherrill wrote this. Mark cowrote Florabama Time and Looking For You. And a few other songs that were a number on hits over the past thirty years. A real lyrical genius.

One of those guys that can open their mouth and you better start writing down what he says cause it’ll be singable.

As I’ve heard it, he was in a bar in Nashville one afternoon and there were these triplets from somewhere in Texas. One was named Adilida, and became a George Strait song, and one was Anna, and became I don’t want to Lose You Anna. I don’t remember the other triplets name but they wrote a song about her too. this is a beautiful song and that’s why I recorded it. It’s simply a beautiful song. Like a country hymn to a girl you can’t lose. We’ve all felt that way.

I honestly meant for it to be slower and more mournful but after it was done i was thrilled with the feel of that fiddle and the drum beat. The happy way the singer just kind of says the says. I know thats me but the whole process of making records and having you buy them still awes me. So sometimes to deal with it I just let myself think about it as though it’s somebody else. This is one of those songs, it’s bigger than me.

I hope it plays through your stereo as you go across I-10 through the swamps sometime.
“I don’t want to lose you Anna, I know I couldn’t handle Louisiana anymore.”