This song started as me driving down the road singing this line to myself.
Kiss me mama I gotta go.

I could hear Tom Petty’s Running Down A Dream. That great guitar riff and that train beat on the snare. If you don’t remember it hit YouTube and just let the start of the song roll over you.

A little piece about me.
I’ve spent large pieces of my life on the road. To, from, towards, away: I’ve been on the road since I got out of college. And I say pieces instead of parts because it’s felt like a life in pieces. Only in the last few years have I felt as though my life was continuing along a cohesive plane. Mostly that’s been the part of my life you’ve been a part of, my dear friend and listener. So this song is a projected memory back into my crooked and emotionally earthquake ridden journey to get here. It’s a about a guy who’s “got to go.” Whether its by choice or demand, the dude is late for somewhere else. This has been a theme of my life so I wrote about it. It’s a similar feel metaphorically to “Broke But Free.” More like members of the same extended song family. Broke is about a guy who doesn’t really want to be out there anymore but at the moment of the song he still is.

Kiss Me Mama is about a guy who knows he’s gonna be out there for a while but can see a time in the future when the pull of commitments and the magic of “What’s next” are gone and what he has at home is more important than anything somebody else needs from him. More important than the money he might make. I love this conversation, the awareness of “giving to take” and that if you give too much and never take anything you may forget how to take and get drained dry.

Forget to live!

About the writing of the song itself. I got a couple lines down, something to work with, and Rusty and I finished this over the course of a couple weeks.

Its got a guitar lick at the beginning that is very intricate and it took me a couple hours in the studio to play each part, acoustic, electric, and classical and get them perfect. I don’t know if it’s conventional to play the same part on multiple guitars but who cares. It’s a thick sound and I like it and I hope you do too.

I always play each guitar part twice so they can go left and right in your headphones. If you haven’t ever listened to my records in headphones please do sometime.

As with all my stuff, I love singing the harmonies. And this songs got a lot of harmony. Stacking things up and seeing what phantom chords I can create with shifting dipthongs. For instance, there’s an unresolving harmony line every time the “I gotta get home,” comes around except the last one. It’s a major chord signifying immediacy. Like, I’m coming home now!

As I wrote this song I could hear the road ticking away underneath like flying across a concrete over pass. Ka-chunk ka-chunk.
It wasn’t the only choice for title track though. I had a hard time choosing between it and “Love Me For Rest Of My Life.”

There are things I love about both that put them in title track territory. A title track has to be several things. Musically genius, a great production, a great song, a great vocal performance, a great guitar riff, and feel good live on stage. In the end, Rest Of My Life is an amazing production but doesn’t match up to the live performance of Kiss Me Mama.