My folks are the story behind Fifty Years. They are still the rock my life was built on.

One detail I changed for singability,
When he gave her that diamond ring, and she said she wasn’t ready yet, and he had to ask her three more times…
He really had to ask her five more times.

They started dating in the tenth grade in 1962 and by 1964 he figured he’d found his girl.
As I’ve heard it, they were riding horses. He’d given her a little Arabian stallion for Christmas when she was seventeen. (The horses name was Bullet and lived for years after they got married.) But on this particular day Bullet was young and so were they.
He had this little diamond ring. I mean it’s tiny.
As the story goes, he races up beside her on a horse, sticks this ring in her hand and races off. I don’t remember the name of his horse, I’ll have to ask him.
She gave it back and said “I’m Not Ready Yet.”

Ok I changed two details. She actually said, “you’re not ready yet.”
But “I’m” is easiesr to sing than “You’re,”so…
She took the ring in 1968 and still has it on today.

He’s tried to buy her a bigger and more expensive ring every year since 1980something. But she’s never let it go. The ring is getting thin on the back where she’s washed five thousand tons of dinner plates, picked up a thousand babies, swept a million miles of kitchen floors, carried a mountain of potatoes in five gallon buckets, held a phone to her ear while the world called to tell her everything that happened to them and feel the peace that passes understanding come back over the line. I’ve sure been the recipient of that peace enough times to be responsible for some of the gold missing off that ring. And I’ve got two sisters and a brother. All of whom have strived, and dreamed and failed and fallen and gotten back up holding the hand with that ring. And the hand that put it on her.