Play Drink Her Pretty
Drink her pretty started in a bar in Fairhope one weekday afternoon. I was sitting there talking to my buddies Mike and Robert, Robert bemoaning a date he’d had. And before I say the fateful words that start this whole thing off, let me tell you about the notebook under the cash register.

This was a tiny neighborhood bar with about 9 stools. They had a Sweetwater Sign and a picture of Johnny Cash flipping the bird at the ACM. Famous picture that I mistook for a love of country music.  

Nope! Never mind that; I’ve gotten used to people thinking they love country music because they love Johnny Cash. The truth is not one in ten of the people I meet who profess a love for Johnny Cash can name more than a handful of his songs. Or know that he wrote books, over came Himalayan odds and beat downs and kept going. Johnny has become, among many other things, a rally cry for the trapped rebel inside white collar office workers. Which is mostly what frequented this bar.

Needless to say I didn’t hang out there much and only ever because of these guys. I guess Johnny Cash can be a symbol for whatever you need, but don’t forget that he wrote songs and sang them like nobody else and loved a woman. Go listen to some of his songs you don’t know.

Back to Robert. He was famous for saying stuff worth writing down so the bar kept a notebook under the cash register titled, “Shit Robert Said.” Some of it was weird, some of it I guess you had to be there, but most of it was Confucian level koans about the foibles of men and women.

So he said, “Boys, had one last night……….You couldn’t Drink Her Pretty.” Beers were set down, heads turned, I remember nearly choking on a tuna taco.

And here came the notebook. Mary was about to write that down.

But I said, “Wait wait wait… That’s mine. Thank you very much.” I remember patting the air miming pushing the notebook back under the cash register.

I regret not having made more time for Robert and Mike in the past year. I’m gonna fix that today. Send a text message here in just a second. My songs always make me think of my friends.

When the bar moved I asked Robert what had happened to the notebook and he didn’t know. Somebody out there has that notebook. If you see it please steal it for me.

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