I’m not gonna attempt the tell this story. I don’t know it. The story of this song is not mine to tell.

What I can do is tell you that this song is still and always will be a part of America. People still love Elvis Presley as I do. As you see I renamed it The American Trilogy Elvis Forever. Because nobody else will ever be remembered for this song. When this song isn’t important, then America is gone. So please play this song and Elvis’s version too and sing it loud and proud and stand up when you’re in the presence of it being played and if you fell like it, come give me a hug at the end of the show when you’ve heard this. Americans hugging each other is a really good way to ensure the continuation of America. Hard to kill someone with your arms around them.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to a higher and higher appreciation of the people who stuck their literal and figurative necks out to create an experiment that we call the United States of America. It’s been a work in progress with its ups and downs but never it’s lay-downs.

It’s a tender and delicate thing, flying into the winds of the future only guard from the winds of socialism and mediocrity by the thin blue and red and white line. That line is human beings willing to live and die to not be the broken link in the line.