Play Midnight Auto Supply
By Neil Dover

This is the story behind the version of Midnight Auto Supply on Neil’s first CD Country Music.There is an updated story fro the version on his latest Cd Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go. Click Here to see that version.
What is the story behind the song, Midnight Auto Supply? Where should I begin? The first thing to do here is answer a question that I’m asked every night: Is this song about you? And the answer is, no. I’ve yet to steal a car (Please buy lots of copies of my cd so I won’t have to). But I grew up with the man this song is about, and he could steal your car. He probably won’t now, he’s in his sixties and retired.

This song is about a bygone period in the history of the north Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee mountains. The mythology of Midnight Auto Supply is less mythology and more what I’d call “faction.”  It was happening, everybody knew it was happening, but as you can imagine nobody was recording anything, and the only proof of its existence was that it worked. You could order a car and pay the money and you’d get it. From the first Model T Fords, choice horses back in the Civil War, and maybe even with camels back in the Bible, (definitely including wives) there’s been somebody who wanted what you had.

The whole thing worked because if you stole a car in middle of Cowpens, South Carolina, nobody was ever going to see somebody driving it in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Midnight Auto Supply would still be a thriving business today if it weren’t for computer databases and electronics in cars that, if the thieves knew how to use, they could get an honest job. But now that I think about it, they’d still be stealing cars, because it wasn’t about not having a job, it was about stealing the car. Being able to sell it to somebody else was an afterthought. A happy accident.

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Neil and Tami Taylor